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What can we do for you?

Here to help you develop and succeed we provide a flexible approach for short or longer term contracts starting with an informal chat to listen, ask questions and understand your objectives.

Our approach is a personal one, tailored to your needs. We will work with you to develop the best strategies for you, your team and your business – plans that we can help you deliver, that you can keep alive and see come to fruition.

Sales Support & Advice

Are you an established company growing and in need of an extra pair of hands? Are you struggling to make the best of your sales opportunities? Have you got a big project or product launch on the horizon?

Let us take the pressure off. We can work with you on a one-off, project based or retained basis to help you deliver results.

  • Account management
  • Project management
  • Market reviews
  • Product benchmarking
  • Presentation creation
  • Sales pitches
  • Copy writing

Strategy Planning & Delivery

Are you a small company and not sure where to take your business next ? A new enterprise with lots of ideas but are not sure which to run with? Or stuck in the day to day with no time to look to the future?

We can help by offering a fresh and independent perspective, asking the challenging questions, setting goals and ways to deliver and monitor them.

  • Business Planning
  • Prioritising goals
  • Action planning
  • Tools to monitor performance

Operational Efficiency

Are you looking to make production easier & more straightforward but are not sure how?

We can help you review your processes from start to finish; identifying ways to streamline activities, work smarter, become more efficient and ultimately save time & money.

  • Develop ways to improve efficiency
  • Identify cost savings
  • Negotiate pricing with suppliers
  • Planning for change & implementation
  • Costing & finance support